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Many of our clients want to become permanent residents of the United States, or to help a family member become a permanent resident. We can discuss permanent residency and give an overview of the ways to obtain it.
People use a few terms to describe permanent resident status. A permanent resident is someone who has a green card, has immigrated, is a lawful permanent resident or LPR, has adjusted status to permanent resident, or received an immigrant visa. All of these terms mean the same thing.
A permanent resident has several important rights, including the rights:
1. to live and work permanently in the United States,
2. to travel in and out of the United States (with some restrictions),
3. to help other family members (spouse and unmarried sons and daughters) immigrate by
filing a visa petition for them, and
4. to apply for U.S. citizenship, after some years as a permanent resident.
How can a noncitizen become a lawful permanent resident? We can discuss this topic at length. We recommend setting up and appointment with us so we can give you a brief overview of the ways that someone can become a permanent resident.

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